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                                    ALFREDO TISOCCO


Alfredo Tisocco studies since at a young age with his father (former concertmaster of the orchestra Arena di Verona) and subsequently with the Maestro Beppi de Marzi. He received his diploma in piano at the Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" of Venice, under the guidance of Maestro Vincent Pertile. He alternates between the activity of a concert pianist with a composer one, and participates in the artistic movements " Omikron 75", " Cameravuota" by Giorgio Fabbris, of which produces the theatrical works " LE GRAND VERRE “,  “ UNICA ZURN’’, “FOR OUT OFF Milan” and with the musical ensemble "Opus Avantra", as a composer, pianist and director. He attended specialization courses with Pertile, Petrassi, Stockhausen, Manzoni, Ceccato, Gaslini and Waldron. In 1975 published an Album for the ballet “Danza Libera” by Franca Della Libera, by the title "Katharsis" with whom he won the 1975 Latina Dance Festival and from which they are drawn some songs for the choreography and comments of radio and television programs. From 1977 to 1984 composes and performs in public, different opera music for OpusAvantra - "Cameravuota", “Danza Libera” for piano, electronics, and arp odyssey synthesizer. In 1985 composed the music for the choreography of the television program " Oltre Isadora" by Franca Della Libera, produced by RAI TRE Venice, with whom he had collaborated in other ballets as "KATHARSIS - OPERA BACH - TICS DANCE ", presented in various Italian theaters among which: OLIMPICO di Vicenza, FILARMONICO di Verona e LITTA di Milano. In 1986 he founded the Artis Records, that will acquire later in 1989 the Cramps Records. From that moment on will alternatively be present in the artistic activity and managerial records in radio and TV and also ecology fieldwork. In 1986 he composed the poems of Antonio Bruni, the piano suite " Ritagli d’anima " which is published for CD and presented at various events on radio and television programs. Performs many concerts in Europe taking also care of sports, cultural and economic trade with the countries in eastern Europe, in particular with Russia and Romania. He also composed  5 musical actions: “PER UNA DANZA DANZATRICE” in Piovene 15.03.1979, “CHIRURGIA PATETICA” in Rowan 18.03.1979, “CIRCOLAZIONE”  in Noventa Padovana (Padova) 12.05.1978, “MACCHIE Mestre” – Venezia 14.05.1980, and “MUSICA MECCANICA”.  Alfredo Tisocco,  in his various concerts offers songs of his own composition as well as music from the romantic period  - '800 and '900 -  (Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Satie, Ravel, Debussy, Albeniz, Granados, De Falla, Stravinsky, Gershwin, Schoenberg, Shostakovich , J.Cage, etc.).
The journalist Enrico M. Carotenuto after having witnessed the presentation of Artis Cramps Records ( Fiuggi 07.10.89), where Alfredo Tisocco played “Ritagli d’anima”, written for Rome newspapers : "It seems that Monk and Liszt simultaneously perform at four hands, each sharing the octaves of the piano". It’s also the contributor of his son Erik Alfred, in the artistic management of the Artis Records and Cramps Music, where he has curated over the years '90 all the choices and directions in music, with the studio supervision of the entire catalog of  '70s / '80s CRAMPS Records.
Since the 70s participates as a partner in the organization of various Music Events and Tours in Italy: Gentle Giant- Rod Stewart- Rory Gallagher (of which he also write the Italian version of many songs) – Jetro Tull – Yes – Ray Charles (1998) – James Brown (2006), and by the 80s he helped to organize events such as ballets by Franca della Libera, Performances of the poet Antonio Bruni (such as “Il filo di Lana” , “Da Eva a Matia” 1987 ), “Ferrofania” – tribute music to the sculptor Toni Benetton, “Milano Poesia” 1990, “Cage - Uncaged"," Bienalle Venezia” 1993, “Stratosfera 2000 Milano”; and as artistic director : “Il Carnevale di Verona” 1991 , “Canzone d’Autrice” 1992, and “Concerti in Villa” 1997, province of Vicenza. Since the 90s' care also several record productions as  AVION TRAVEL – G. CINQUETTI – MR. NORTH – SINERGIA (the latter won the section San Remo-Rock respectively 1999 and 2000), in addition to various artists of the discography Cramps and Artis . In 2009 he curated with his son Erik Alfred, the publication record (Artis) of Katia Ricciarelli for his 40-year career titled " Addio al Passato " presented at the "Gran Teatro La Fenice." 
Scholar of " acoustic ecology", investigator of the music as the "therapy of the unconscious", firm believer in music as a "science of socialization and evolution of civilizations “on the art of sound, an essay is published about him in one sociology study: "Look at the professions" edited by G. Paul Prandstraller (professor of sociology at the DAMS University of Bologna). In his performances and public appearances he see in the contemporary music and artistic experience a function of vital importance: "music is food of the human thought and stimulates the mind to the freedom of expression through the roads of the unpublished fantastic and metaphysical. In addition to concentrate only on his work, Alfredo Tisocco is completing the composition of the new musical work of OpusAvantra: “LOUCOS – IN THE MAGIC PLACE”; inspired by the book of Luis Ortiz Oscoy on Maya prophecies, entitled : 2012 Prophecy of the Light. In recent years is also involved in ecology activities and alternative energies programs between Italy and Romania, where it appears in several radio and TV broadcast and coordinates artistic activities in events such as “Cerbul de aur” – “Music Contaminations” and “Eco Fest”. Relationships with several artists of international importance as the Quartetto della Scala di Milano, Katia Ricciarelli, Eros Ramazzotti, Tiziano Ferro and Steve Vai, for which oversaw the training of "Evolution Time Orchestra", which accompanied the artist himself in the two concerts of 2010 in Bucharest and Rimini, and in the European Tour of 2013 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Wroclaw, Trieste, Ravenna, Rome, Madrid and Bucharest. As for his concert activity, since 2008 Alfredo Tisocco participates as a conductor and pianist - will synthesize the various concerts of OA in Tokyo, Venice, Milan, La Spezia, Rome , Treviso (also as a soloist in the Festival “Finestre sul Nocevento – MusikreativaMente”) and Bucharest – Romania, where he continues his work as a pianist and composer. His last most prestigious performances of 2013 will see him on in a recital of the January 15 - the manifestation of Rieti at the Embassy of Italy-Romania, "Barbarian Invasions" of 03 August; in Festitalia - Romania on 15 September and in the concert of OA in Treviso, October 20. In 2014 will be published in a book “Il Codice della caduta del ....Tempo”, where are merged elements of real life and artistic experiences with the amazing trips in the Universe, beyond the ... time.


KATHARSIS                                    1975                    INTROSPEZIONE                            1974  

RITAGLI D’ ANIMA                        1984                    LORD CROMWELL                           1975

BALLET COLLECTION                    1989                    STRATA                                          1989

PIOGGIA NEL                                1991                    LYRICS                                            1995

FERROFANIA                                1996                    LIVE CONCERTS                              2000    

LE GRANDE VERRE   1985  post  2008                    LIVE IN TOKYO     DVD                             2008             

UNICA ZURN             1989  post  2008                    NEL LUOGO MAGICO                       2013

STUDI ENEFONICI     1991  post 2013                    LOUCOS In the Magic Place            2014

MOMENTI  DI  TERAPIA D ELL’INCONSCIIO           1992  post    2014 

MESSAGES FOR A VOYAGER                             1993-2007 post  2014       

NELL’ANELLO SPAZIALE                                  1998-2013 post    2015

STELLE E COMETE                                            1998-2013 post    2015

L’ ULTIMO PIANISTA                                       1995-2014 post    2015